The Hardest Challenge in Valheim? | No Metal

The Hardest Challenge in Valheim? | No Metal

The Hardest Challenge in Valheim? | No Metal

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■Published2021-07-17 21:00:07

Hey Vikings
I made a video with 5 different ways to play Valheim that will keep you entertained until the next update.
In this short I share one of these challenges. The No Metal Challenge. This one I heard about on Reddit. This to me sounds like the most difficult of all the challenges.

Check out the full challenge video for 5 new ways to play

Here are the challenges and the rules:
1) Permadeath Challenge:
One life. Restart with new character and new seed upon death.

2) Gypsy Challenge:
No home base, no portals, travel with all items from boss to boss with cart and longship.

3) No Metal Challenge (illustrious tooth6):
You cant use any metal materials or items including armour, weapons, axe, forge, cauldron or nails for the karve or longship.

4) 100 Day Challenge (firespark81):
Beat the game in 100 in game days (50 hours play time)

5) Three Team PVP Challenge:
3 teams of 3 battle against one another. Each team sets up a base in a different corner of the map. Once killed you must join the tribe that defeated you. First tribe to beat the final boss wins.

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